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Labour Law Group: the research group for Labour Law and Working Life

Labour law (labour and employment law) is a comprehensive legal discipline interlinking with a number of different fields of law. Contract law pertaining to employment contracts as well as collective agreements is the cornerstone, but labour law also encompasses elements of public law as well as additional aspects of private law, conflict of laws, European law and international law.


The Labour Law Group

The Labour Law Group is the Faculty of Law’s Research Group for research on labour law and working life. Host institute is the Department of Private Law, who is responsible for education and teaching in labour law. Through the Research Group, teaching and other academic tasks assigned for labour law and working life are conducted. The overall responsibility for the subject lies at and is administrated by the Research Group’s leadership.

One of the most important tasks for the group is to promote research and education in labour law. The activities in the Research Group focus on conducting and facilitating research within labour law. Furthermore, the task for the group is to ensure that academic skills on a high level will be maintained.

The members of the Research Group come from different departments of the faculty. The group has also members affiliated to other research institutes. The group is cooperating with and part of several networks and practitioners and arranges seminars.

More about the Labour Law Groups research, teaching, publications etc.

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