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Eivind Smith was born in Oslo (Norway) in December 1949. He was awarded his law degree (cand.iur. i 1974) and became a dr.juris i 1979 on a dissertation on legal questions on the borderline between Public and Private Law. Since 1986 (with several interruptions), he has served as a Professor of Public Law at the University of Oslo.

Within the Faculty of Law, he has inter alia served as the head of the Research Commission and of the Commission on international affairs, and he has been the head of the Department of public and international law. He chairs the pluridisciplinary research group on constitutional (domestic and comparative) studies.

Among external activities, he has passed a sabbatical in France, been visiting professor or visiting scholar etc. with a large number of academic institutions abroad, been a research director at the Centre for Advanced Study at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, served as a consultant to the Norwegian Research Council and other research-founding institutions in Norway and abroad, chaired the Governmental Inquiry Commission for the Municipality of Oslo (1990-91), the Governmental Commission for the preparation of new legislation on the educational system of Norway (1993-95), the Independent Parliamentary Inquiry Commission for the Banking Crisis (1997-98) and the Independent Parliamentary Inquiry Commission for the New Oslo Airport (2000-2001). See further in "CV"

At present (2013), he is inter alia a vice-president of the Innternational Association of Constitutional Law and of the Group of independent experts on the European Charter of Local Self-Government under the Council of Europe. He chairs the Board of the Institute for social research (Oslo).

Fields of research

Professor Smith’s main fields of research are domestic and comparative constitutional and administrative law. In addition to questions related to the borderline between public and private law, he has published extensively on inter alia procedural and substantive administrative law (including the main Norwegian textbook on the subject), ”independent” administrative bodies, governance and political responsibility, constitutional cultures, the relationship between law and democracy, judicial review of legislation, freedom of speech, constitutions as political instruments and the relationship between Parliament and the executive. He publishes mainly in Norwegian, English and French. See further in "Publications"

Section for Constitutional Law


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