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Constitutional law

Constitutional law is about the fundamental legal norms on the state and its activities – the different state organs and their mutual relationship, towards the private sector and towards the surrounding World.

Usually, the Constitution is more difficult to amend than other sorts of legal norms, and it provides the legal basis for other sorts of legal norms. The superior character of the Constitution distinguishes it from other sorts of legal norms within a given legal system.

Overview of the subject area

The most important questions raised by the discipline of constitutional law are common to all modern states. But the answers vary. The Section for constitutional law therefore aims at studying the constitutional law of Norway not only in its historical, political etc. context, but even in a comparative perspective, that is in the light of the constitutions of other countries and of some fundamental ideological criteria for constitutional government. An even better understanding of many issues is achieved in collaboration with researchers with shared interests in the field, active in disciplines like political science and history. ”Constitutional democracy” is a core common notion.

The Section aims at gathering members of the scientific staff at the Department of public and international law and other institutions within and without the Faculty of law around research and debate on Norwegian and comparative constitutional law. We work together with individual researchers and institutions in Norway and abroad with related interests, organise lunch seminars, guest lectures etc., and provide space for guest researchers from Norway and abroad.

Due to the fundamental character of constitutional law, a number of researchers within the Faculty at time have worked on constitutional issues. However, the following list of fellows only includes persons devoting a substantial share of their time to such issues.

Information on the research area can be accessed on the Norwegian web pages for this subject

Programmes of study and courses

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