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Social welfare law

Social welfare law deals with the legal rules that are of fundamental significance for the quality of life and the welfare of the individual.

Overview of the subject area

The core areas are social security law, healthcare law, social protection law and child welfare law. In addition, topics related to the right to education and employment are covered.

Social welfare law also deals with the rules for coercive measures in the field of health and social protection law which can be issued in the interests of the person concerned or in the interests of society. Attention is mainly focused on the rules set out in the Act relating to the child welfare services, the Act relating to social services, and the Mental Health Care Act.

Social welfare law has important links to other subjects such as constitutional law, administrative law, labour law, family law, law of torts and contracts, rules on protection against discrimination and other human rights obligations.

Information on the research area can be accessed on the Norwegian web pages for this subject

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