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Philosophy of Law

The philosophy of law discusses the most fundamental questions about what characterises law (in Norwegian, "rett") and the discipline having law as its object (in Norwegian, "jus").

Philosophy of law is an international research field with a long history. Certain topics can be identified as recurring across various legal systems and constituting a core set of issues:

  • Law and normativity, including the various forms of normative elements that enter into legal systems and the principles for the resolution of possible conflicts between the elements;
  • Basic principles and values in positive legal systems, including the role and nature of weighings and balancings;
  • Law and justification, including and in particular, law and practical reason;
  • The relationship between law qua system of norms and law qua the discipline and science of this system;
  • Concept- and theory formation in Law;
  • Debates under the heading of "legal positivism"

The Institute of philosophy of law supports teaching and research in legal philosophy at the Faculty of Law. It hosts guest lectures and seminars, including Discussions in the philosophy of law, a permanent seminar offering the possibility of in-depth discussion of selected topics through several semesters (at present, debates on legal positivism).

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