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Legal history

Combining law and history, the subject of legal history examines law in a historical context. As a subject at the Faculty of Law it adopts a thematic approach to law and legal science in a historical perspective.

Overview of the subject area

The legal history department provides a meeting place at the Faculty of Law for research into legal history and education.

The law, society and historical change research group is responsible for the bulk of the research in the field of legal history at UiO at the present time. It is an interdisciplinary research group consisting of researchers at the Faculty of Law.

The History of Law Collection at the University of Oslo Library

The University of Oslo Library has a special collection devoted to the history of law. Primarily it is a research facility for the departments of the faculty of law.

Go to the History of Law Collection at the University of Oslo Library for more information

Published Mar. 7, 2016 10:06 AM