02/2009 - NAV Klageinstans

- det nye klageorganet i NAV

Av Endre S. Refsdal

Avhandlinga drøftar personelle, prosessuelle og materielle rettspørsmål som styrer verksemda til NAV Klageinstans – det nye klageorganet i NAV.

Forfattaren spør i kva grad NAV Klageinstans ivaretek rettstryggleiken til brukarane.

Avslutningsvis peikar forfattaren på nokre utfordringar for arbeidet vidare med NAV-reforma.

Avhandlinga, som vart levert november 2008, er ein del av forsknings-programmet «Et trygdesystem i sterk forandring» ved Institutt for offentlig rett ved Universitet i Oslo.

English summary

This thesis addresses one of the most comprehensive structural reforms in recent Norwegian administrative history – the «NAV-reform». The reform is a merger of the employment and national insurance administrations, combined with more formal collaboration with the local government social services administration. The reform was implemented in 2006, and will be completed in 2010.

The thesis mainly addresses the new appeal organ established in NAV, named «NAV Klageinstans».

The thesis is divided up in three parts. In the first part I describe NAV as a whole. The new organs are discussed, and I give a general view of the different areas of competence within the organization.

In the second part the thesis describes the rules of procedure that applies for NAV Klageinstans. I present a survey involving 60 administrative deci-sions, and discuss whether the new appeal organ fulfills its obligations according to the social security act and the administration act.

In the third part I first present the administrative practice on the rules of disability pension in the appeal organ NAV Klageinstans. Secondly I compare the appeal organ’s practice with the social security tribunal’s («Trygderetten») case law. And consequently I ask why as much as 30 percent of the cases are being set aside by the social security tribunal?

The thesis was written as a part of the social security project at the Department of public law, at the University of Oslo. The project is led by Professor Asbjørn Kjønstad.

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