7/2008 - The doubting philosopher: Norberto Bobbio

Outlines of his legal philosophy within Italian legal culture

Norberto Bobbio (Turin 18-10-1909/Turin 9-1-2004) has been one of the most representative personalites within Italian legal-philosophical debate from the second half of the twentieth century. Bobbio is undoubtedly considered one of the most authoritative and impassioned interpreters of the Italian civil, political and philosophical debate, from the anti-fascist season up to the Second Italian Republic period.

Bobbio’s intellectual and political activities embody the noble concept of “intellectual freedom”. Both in his philosophical and political commit-ments, Bobbio, by following his heretical vocation, sowed doubts more than provided answers. He deemed Culture as an intellectual equilibrium, a critical meditation, a sense of discernment, an abhorrence toward any form of Manichaeism and partiality. Bobbio’s laicality, as a voice ennobling reason and free conscience, may be looked upon as a fruitful lesson for Catholics also. His strong laic attitude flowed throughout all his contribu-tions, both in the contents and in the style. Laicality meant, in Bobbio’s opinion, an honest and faithful use of the intellect.

The doubting philosopher: Norberto Bobbio. Outlines of his legal philosophy within Italian legal culture is addressed to all who are interested in the main legal-philosophical issues: philosophers, legal theorists, lawyers, legal historians, sociologists and others.

Av Alessandro Serpe
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