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Reorganization of the power market

The project has focused on the reorganization of the electricity market in Norway. During the last few years, the project has also analyzed how international  legislation affects the Norwegian electricity market.


About the project

The researchers has examined how the electricity market transports electricity, which types of electricity agreements were entered into with large and small consumers and what rights of cut off the supply companies had over those in default of payment.

In recent years, the researchers have investigated how the EU directives incorporated in the EEA Agreement have influenced Norwegian energy law. Directives from Brussels lead among other things to the split up of network functions and revenue functions in Norwegian electricity companies. Independent companies were set up to own and run network functions even though they did not have interests in production and the sale of power. Further, the research covers trade of power abroad. The production of offshore wind power is a future research  topic .


The project aims as holding itself updated on all new laws, especially related to renewable energy. The intention is also that the research should be of use to the Norwegian government in reorganizing  the electricity market.


Four doctoral theses are related to the reorganization of the electricity market:

  • Investing in EU energy security - Exploring the regulatory approach to tomorrow´s electricity production by Henrik Bjørnebye.
  • Independent Power Projects in Developing Countries: Legal Investment Protection and Consequences for Development by Henrik Inadomi
  • Om informasjonsplikt og markedsatferd i det finansielle kraftmarkedet ( the duty of disclosure and conduct in the financial electricity market)  by Odd-Harald B. Wasenden
  • Det indre transportmarkedet (the internal transport market)  by Anne-Karin Nesdam
  • Research fellow  Erlend Leonhardsen is working on a doctoral thesis titled: The organization of the independent regulator


Common interests, common means? Renewable energy promotion as an environmental objective. Researcher Thea Sveen.


The project was initiated by the Norwegian Institute of Maritime Law, Department of petroleum and energy law. The project started in 2001 and is at present  estimated to run until 2019. The theoretical basis for the project is the existence of special administrative laws and EEA law.


• The project is financed by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

• The Norwegian Research Council has granted project support until the autumn 2019.


• The project cooperates with the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy directorate (NVE)

• The project exchanges information on  EU legislation and the power market with the researchers in the Netherlands through the annual Energy Law Report.



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