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Equality and non-discrimination

The NCHR works to  support the achievement of the equality and non-discrimination principles found in international human rights instruments and in the new UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What do we do?

We cooperate with academic institutions, professional groups and civil society organisations in Asia to enhance their knowledge and practical capacity to meet with different aspects of unequal and discriminatory treatment.The NCHR organises education and network activities for Asian civil society organisations working with disability issues.We support the production of handbooks about implementation of China’s new law against domestic violence and we train Chinese human rights teachers in gender and human rights. We aim to include a gender perspective in all activities of the NCHR International Department. Issues we work on include gender equality, domestic violence, disability rights and SOGI issues.

Why is this important?

Equality and non-discrimination principles are present in all the instruments in the International Bill of Human Rights and are found in a number of specialized UN human rights treaties. The SDGs also focus on reduction of inequality and on gender equality. Equality and non-discrimination principles in international human rights law

In spite of the protection and prohibition these instruments offer, discriminatory attitudes and practices are abundant and inequality is still a major global human rights challenge.

Intersectional approach to discrimination 

People can experience layers of inequality and cumulative discrimination based on multiple identities, for example discrimination based on both disability and gender at the same time. It is necessary to explore and take into account the interdependence and complexity of identities in our projects in order to effectively combat prejudice and intolerance. 

Selected results:

  • China’s first law against violence in close relations was passed in 2016. The NCHR has, through a number of years, supported the organisation that has worked to pass the law, and to fight violence against women.
  • In order to mainstream equality issues in the media, we supported a 5-year training project for 140 Chinese journalists and media workers from 2009-2014.
  • The NCHR supported research on employment discrimination in China 2003-2005. This work culminated in the first Chinese book about employment discrimination: "Employment Discrimination: International Standards and National Practice", edited by Lisa Stearns (NCHR) and Li Weiwei (Shenzhen University). From 2008 the book was used in training activities for local Chinese government officials arranged by the ILO Office in Beijing..

For questions concerning equality and non-discrimination, contact Elisabeth Perioli Bjørnstøl.

Want to know more about what we do?

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