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  • Image of Professor Peris Jones, shoulders up, facing the camera. He is wearing a dark shirt and glasses.
    Activism and creative solutions 13. sep. 2022 10:07

    Can you make a difference in the world while gaining practical skills and deepening understanding? The students of the Human Rights in Practice course get the opportunity to try, in a new course approach where they work towards justice.

  • Dekorativt
    Seeking student leader for international master programme in human rights 17. aug. 2022 13:53

    CELL seeks Student Project Leader related to education development in the Master of Theory and Practice in Human Rights (HUMR), Norwegian Centre for Human Rights.

  • Photo of Dr. Torres in front of a large body of water, next to a brick path with trees on its edge
    Research visit to Chile 15. aug. 2022 10:01

    In June 2022, postdoctoral research fellow Natalia Torres Zuniga visited Santiago de Chile, City of Valdivia in Southern Chile, and the town of San Jose de la Mariquina (Valdivia). The visit aimed to gather information about the country's forestry industry, constitutional change and political economy.

  • Peris Jones, faglærer i emnet Human Rights in Practice. Portrett i fra Domus Juridica
    Aktivisme og kreative løsninger 21. juni 2022 14:37

    Kan man gjøre en forskjell her i verden? Studentene på emnet Human Rights in Practice får muligheten til å prøve, i et nytt undervisningsopplegg hvor de skal jobbe for rettferdighet.


  • Construction workers
    Accountability for Forced Labor and Modern Slavery 9. des. 2022 10:00

    Around 28 million people worldwide are currently in situations of forced labor. Where did labor governance go wrong, and how do we protect the human rights of workers in supply chains?