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Public Procurement of Critical Services (ProCrits)

An increasing amount of services providing societal-critical functions are procured by public actors. Which effect do public procurements have on organizations that are responsible for critical services, such as the transport of critically ill and security and preparedness services?

Ambulance and ambulance ship

Ambulance. Illustration: Helgelanssykehuset HF on Flickr.

About the Project

The project will contribute to increasing the competence on procurement of services in public organizations, particularly regarding how criteria with importance for societal safety can be covered and specified in tenders. Following completion of the project, involved actors will know how procurement processes and tenders can be adapted to better accommodate societal safety as a combined effort across public and private organizations.

In Norway, public procurements are governed by European Economic Area (EEA) and Norwegian law. The research group at the Centre for European law will specifically analyze which room for manoeuver EEA member states have when tendering societal-critical functions.

The project is a collaboration between safety researchers and legal scholars at the University of Stavanger, University of Oslo and NTNU Social Research. The project includes two PhD projects and brings together an international network of research competence and professional expertise.


The project is financed via the Research Council of Norway. TheUniversity of Stavanger is project leader.

The project started in 2019 and ends in 2023.


The project will result in a number of peer-reviewed articles. Project participants will present their results at domestic and international conferences and uphold an ongoing dialogue with user groups.

Tags: Public procurement, EEA, critical services
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