Norway and international law – welfare benefits under the EEA agreement and child protection under the European Convention on Human Rights

The Norwegian welfare agency (NAV) has followed Norway’s own rules rather than the rules under the European Economic Area (EEA) when it withheld benefits from recipients who had traveled to other EU and EEA countries, and secured prison sentences for some of them.

Norway has also been found in violation of the European Convention of Human Rights in recent child protection cases by the European Court of Human Rights.

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The ECHR and the EFTA court building.

This panel will draw on these cases to discuss Norway’s ability and willingness to ensure that the domestic law and practice respect international law and decisions by international courts. 

Chairs: Andreas Føllesdal and Geir Ulfstein, Co-directors, PluriCourts


  • Professor dr. juris Hans Petter Graver: NAV and the EEA - a stress-test for the Rule of Law in Norway 
  • Professor dr. juris Kirsten Sandberg: Child protection in Norway – on a collision course with the European Court of Human Rights?
  • Postdoc Øyvind Stiansen: The NAV scandal in the shadow of international courts 
Hans Petter Graver, Kirsten Sandberg og Øyvind Stiansen.



Publisert 17. des. 2019 11:04 - Sist endra 13. jan. 2020 14:47