Retfærd – Nordisk juridisk tidsskrift

The Journal’s profile

Retfærd is a peer-reviewed journal of legal science that publishes innovative articles at the highest scientific level.


The articles published in Retfærd analyse law and justice from a theoretical and practical point of view on the basis of not only jurisprudence, but also sociology, criminology, political science, history, philosophy, economics, ecology, anthropology, feminism and other sciences. The journal therefore contributes to the interdisciplinarity of legal scholarship in a way that not only unveils relations of dominance in the law, but also focuses on critical legal science as an emancipatory endeavour. For these reasons, Retfærd publishes articles that examine law in broader context and challenge prevailing views on the law.

In addition to articles, the journal occasionally publishes essays and debating points, which seek to place new themes on the scientific agenda or comment on others from a critical perspective. The journal also regularly publishes regularly short book reviews and review-articles.


Retfærd archive (older issues)

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