Scandinavian maritime law - The Norwegian perspective (3rd edition)

This book reflects the maritime law as found in the Nordic countries. It  is based on the Norwegian book "Sjørett" (7th ed. 2010), which is the standard Scandinavian textbook on maritime law.

Scandinavian maritime law - the Norwegian perspective. Foto: Universitetsforlaget.

The presentation gives a broad introduction to a modern and updated maritime law system. All the relevant court decisions in Scandinavia are reported. There are also references to legal articles, theses etc with a bearing on maritime law published in Scandinavia.

Thor Falkanger and Hans Jacob Bull are professors at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, University of Oslo, which is the leading institution for maritime law in the Nordic countries. Lasse Brautaset is an attorney with Northern Shipowners' Defence Club in Norway.

This updated edition of Scandinavian maritime law will be of great use to everyone working with Scandinavian maritime law, such as lawyers, attorneys, administration and academics – whether they are working in Norway, Scandinavia or elsewhere.


Thor Falkanger, Lasse Brautaset and Hans Jacob Bull:
Scandinavian maritime law - The Norwegian perspective, 3rd edition.
Universitetsforlaget 2011, ISBN 9788215017297, 542 pages, NOK 649


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