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Tid og sted: 2. apr. 2020 08:3018:00, Professorboligen, Karl Johans gate 47

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How does law deal, or should deal with religion? The question arises especially in times of seemingly ever increasing nationalism and populism, often stirring up religions sentiments.


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Tid og sted: 18. mars 2020 12:0013:30, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, Kristian Augustsgate 17, 7. etasje, rom 7224

Avlyst for å forebygge koronasmitte.

Guest lecture by William Banks. Brandes was known as the "Father of the Modern Breakthrough" for his influence on Scandinavian writers, including Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, in the late nineteenth century. A prominent writer, thinker and speaker, he often examined intellectual topics beyond the literary criticism he was best known for. From Brandes, we have the concept of "putting issues under debate"/ "å sette problemer under debatt".

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Tid og sted: 25. feb. 2020 13:3015:00, Domus Juridica, Kristian August gate 17, room 4110, forth level, 4. etasje,

In this guest lecture Carmen Pavel will speak about the importance of evaluating the justifiability of the Security Council - the only institution who can authorize the use of force at the international level in cases other than self-defense, and has important duties to protect human rights in situations of humanitarian crises.