LL.M. på University of Richmond Law School

Did you know that the University of Oslo has a special partnership with the University of Richmond, Virginia to allow our students to pursue their legal studies in the United States? Richmond’s one-year, full-time, master’s level program gives you a strong grounding in the U.S. common law system while polishing communication and legal skills – with special benefits for students from the University of Oslo.

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Richmond Law School, Foto: University of Richmond

Why Richmond?

  • A beautiful campus that’s moments away from a bustling city center – and a short drive to Washington, D.C.
  • Specialized certificates available in Intellectual Property and International Business
  • Small classes and personalized programs as part of a curriculum that’s fully integrated with the J.D. experience

Partnership Details

  • The Cooperative Degree Program is open to two University of Oslo students at a time, for two consecutive semesters starting in the Fall.
  • Scholarships are available to compensate the difference between the amount of scholarship awarded by the Norwegian government and the University of Richmond.
  • Letters of recommendation and application fees are waived for Oslo students.


  • Students must have completed four years of legal studies in the University of Oslo’s master’s program.
  • Students must submit proof of sufficient language skills as part of the application, as well as a completed application form and a personal statement.

You have to apply thourgh the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo (deadline 15th February 2020). Contact the International Coordinator at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, for more information regarding the process.

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