Prof. Steve Barnes, Penn State Law: “How high is high! The impeachment process under the U.S. Constitution (and what Trump’s 2019 might look like) and presentation of Penn State Law"

Prof. Stephen Barnes, Assistant Dean, Penn State Law, will offer a presentation titled "How High is High?  The Impeachment Process Under the U.S. Constitution (and What Trump's 2019 Might Look Like) and “We are Penn State Law!” – Top LL.M. scholarships to UiO Faculty of Law applicants for 2019-2020”

Prof. Stephen Barnes, Assistant Dean, Penn State Law

The presentation is open to all students, and assumes students have limited or no background to the U.S. Constitution.  Professor Barnes will explain the separation of powers doctrine, checks and balances, the impeachment process, how it has been used with three prior sitting presidents and what President Trump will likely face in 2019. 


Professor Barnes will preface the discussion by introducing Penn State Law's LL.M. Program to UiO Faculty of Law students and how they can apply for top scholarship awards for academic year 2019-2020.

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