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Law, Society and Historical Change

Time is a basic dimension inherent in law. Legal norms, legal systems and ideas are continuously changing; suddenly or slowly, frequently or rarely. Research connected to substantive law, to sociology of law and to theories of law all relate to the dimension of time in law, in different ways, depending upon the purpose of the project.  

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Presentation of the research area

History of law as academic discipline must search for methods to investigate the relationship between law and time, as well as contribute to historical research on changes in the legal systems. These questions are, of course, also relevant to other legal disciplines, but legal historians carry a particular responsibility to bring them to the foreground.

The research group Law, society and historical change will focus on aspects of time and change in the law by strengthening ongoing research as well as by initiating new research, across the Faculty of law and in cooperation with other legal and historical research institutions at home and abroad. The main research fields are constitutional history, history of legal science, history of natural resources law and methodological issues.

Main projects

Other projects

The History of Law Collection at the University of Oslo Library

The University of Oslo Library has a special collection devoted to the history of law. Primarily it is a research facility for the departments of the faculty of law.

Go to the History of Law Collection at the University of Oslo Library for more information

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