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Dispute Resolution

The dispute resolution research group aims to promote research on civil procedure and alternative dispute resolution. The research objectives include analysis of civil procedure law and empirical research on dispute resolution processes.


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The Dispute Resolution Research Group

Dispute resolution is an increasingly central part of lawyers’ work. Alongside studies of traditional civil procedure, mechanisms for alternative dispute resolution have received overwhelming attention as both practical and scholarly subjects. The research on dispute resolution is inherently interdisciplinary and international. Changes in dispute resolution processes have a particularly significant impact on lawyers’ roles, professional ethics, and commitments to carry out socially responsible work.

In addition to uniting scholars across the faculty’s academic departments, the group cooperates with international research communities, as well as business and legal practitioners.

Research areas

The group orients its academic activities around six research areas:

  • Civil procedure
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Rhetoric, narrative and visualization in legal contexts
  • Legal risk management and the legal profession
  • Ethics in negotiations and dispute resolution  (with attention to relevant normative and empirical questions)


Academic programmes and courses

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