National PhD seminar in Law (DNDS) 2021

 Judgments in Context

How does a contextual and multimethod approach to judgments affect legal and social science research? Judgments are not only a legal source but constitute an integral part of history, society, culture, technology, and internationalisation and can be studied with different theories and methods. Through lectures and discussions, the seminar aims to foster broader understanding, as well as new perspectives and approaches, to judgments.

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Foto: UiO/S.H.Myre

Wednesday 1 December (Faculty of Law in Oslo and Holmen Fjordhotell): 

12.00 - 12.45:      Arrival and lunch at the Faculty of Law.
                            (Domus Media Aulakjelleren)

13.00 - 15.00:     Plenary seminar session in Domus Juridica 
                           (Domus Juridica Auditorium 2)

13.00-13.15:       Opening Vibeke Blaker Strand, Professor and Vice-Dean of                                           Research, UiO 

13.15-14.15:       A historical approach to judgments Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde,                                       Professor UiO 

14.15-15.00:       Judgments as part of a complex legal setting - how to navigate                               when writing a PhD thesis  Tone Linn Wærstad,                                                           Professor UiO and Vibeke Blaker Strand

15.00-15.30:       Coffee and cake    

15.30-16.30:       Guided tour in Domus Juridica

17.00:                 Bus transportation to Holmen Fjordhotell

19.30:                 Dinner at the hotel

Thursday 2 December
Holmen Fjordhotell, Bryggesal 2 + 3

before lunch:    Tone Linn Wærstad 

9.00-9.45:          Empirical approaches to judgments Malcolm Langford, Professor,                            UiO

9.45-10.00:        Discussion

10.00-10.45:      Interactive exercises with empirical methods  Malcolm Langford,                               Professor, UiO

10.45-11.00:      Coffee break

11.00-11.45:       Rhetorical approaches to judgments Hans Petter Graver                                            Professor, UiO 

11.45-12.00:       Discussion

12.00-13.00:        Lunch

after lunch:         Nandor Knust, Associate Professor UiT 

13.00-13.45:      Cross-fertilization of judgments from different jurisdictions: the                              example of climate change  Christina Voigt, Professor UiO 

13.45-14.30:        «Shadow judgments» as an analytical tool  Ida Rognlien,                                          Postdoctoral Fellow, UiO

14.30-14.45:        Discussion

14.45-15.30:        Coffee and cake 

15.30-17.30:        PhD presentations in groups
                            The PhD presentations will take place in small groups. The                                            presentation is based on  the one-pager sent prior to the seminar.

19.00:                   Formal dinner 

Friday 3 December (Faculty of Law in Oslo and Holmen Fjordhotell) 


9.15:                Transportation from the hotel to the Faculty of Law.

10.00-12.30:     Plenary seminar session in Domus Academica, Gamle festsal   Moderator:    Vibeke Blaker Strand

10.00-11.45:     How judgments are made - the process behind a written                                           judgment  in different courts.  Lectures by three judges, situated                           in different  contexts. 

  • Developing judgments in the European Court of Human Rights  Arnfinn Bårdsen, Judge of the European Court of Human Rights
  • Developing judgments in the Supreme Court of Norway Ragnhild Noer, Judge of the Supreme Court
  • Developing judgments in the District Courts Rikke Lassen, Judge at Oslo District Court

11.45-12.30     Conversation and discussion with the three judges
                   Chair: Trygve Harlem Losnedahl, PhD Research Fellow, UiO 

12.30-13.30:    Lunch at Domus Juridica

13.30-15.00:    Post-PhD Careers. Two parallel sessions 

Session A: An academic career: strategies for research, teaching and                                     communication.  (Domus Juridica, Undervisningsrom 3109)

- Publication and dissemination strategies
- Development of a teaching portfolio, introduction to the SoTL-criteria
- Public outreach and the role of the academic
- Managing the demands of academic capitalism
Lecturer: Malcolm Langford 

Session B: A career outside academia. (Domus Juridica, Undervisningsrom 3110)

- Pros and cons of a career outside academia
- Practical and substantive advantages of having a PhD


  • Michael Reiertsen, judge at Borgarting Court of Appeal

  • Janicke Wiggen, lawyer at the trade union Samfunnsviterne

  • Rozemarijn van der Hilst-Ytreland,  senior legal advisor at the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency (Digitaliseringsdirektoratet)

Panel discussion moderator Tone Linn Wærstad 

15.00-15.15:   Closing of the seminar (Domus Juridica Auditorium 2)
Concluding comments by UiO, UiB and UiT

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